Warehouse Service

Our FBA Prep Services:

  • Palletizing and Shrink-wrap
  • Warehouse Storage
  • Order processing
  • FBA Removal Service

Our 2 Chino Warehouses at Southern California are within 30 miles of Amazon warehouses, such as ONT8, LGB8, SBD1, etc.

Our Advantage

  • Our sophisticated system allow you to trace your inventory online in real time;
  • You can replenish your products within 2-3 days;
  • Our dedicated trucking services to Major AMZ warehouses is fast and cheaper 2-3 time than Amazon appointed LTL truckers;
  • Real time customer service can resolves your questions.

Warehouse Locations:

  • Los Angeles: 13901 Yorba Ave, Chino, CA 91710
  • Los Angeles: 15469 Dupont Ave, Chino, CA 9170
  • Chicago: Bonded warehouse 1400 N. Mittel Blvd., Suite B, Wood Dale, IL 60191
  • Atlanta Warehouse: 2400 Satellite Blvd, Suite B, Buford, GA 30815
TLL FBA Prep Warehouse